Decor Avant-Garde


Decor Avant-Garde


We have all heard about the elaborate haute couture fashion industry, ranging from top notch brands like Moschino and Armani to Alexander Wang and Dior, ruling the trend world by establishing the oncoming trends and also forecasting them. Haute couture literally means dressmaking whereas Avant Garde is more about bringing in an experimental mix that sets a trend or a statement. These are the two major sects by which leading design houses stand by.

But what about personalized and customized decor?

Do we have an avant garde decor that is curated and customized for a very detailed and specific taste, which is unique and cannot be replicated, at least in a Xerox way.

And if not, it is time that we bring in a revolution of couture, in the not-so-couture decor industry by accepting personalization and customization instead of mass produced alternatives.

Here are a few basic ways where you can go for a unique avant garde in your space!



The beauty of a human hand is that every art piece comes out different every time. Machines consider this imperfection and faults, but this is the beauty of craftsmanship. Everything bespoke and handcrafted will have a different look in each piece even after it is repeated several times. Go for hand painted ceramics, woven cushions and traditional crafts like moroccan rugs and ceramics, Persian carpets, hand painted chintz or even block prints for your upholstery. It brings in an interesting element to your space while keeping you rooted to sustainable methods of production. Go for raffia woven baskets and hand molded glass vases, which are unique single pieces and cannot be replicated or at least in the same way.



Customization is the most essential part of decor. You can always turn the pieces you buy or like customized into your own personal and functional furniture. From dining tables that split up to form stools, or extend to a size of a feast table, from fabric covered blinds that look like beautiful wallpapers when closed down, chandeliers that look like art pieces, chestnut tables carved out to your own preference and a lot more. Irrelevant of the trend chart you can also mix and match bizarre colors together and set a new statement altogether. From olive green and black together to lilac and loud chrome, it all fits well if  you customize the accents.



Irrespective of the mood and look you want to create for your home, never forget that luxury and comfort is the main goal for avant garde or couture. The undeniable finesse of the product should speak for itself, be it minimal or gaudy, it should never look like a thrift shop piece. There is no denying the fact that eclectic pieces picked up from such shops have their own charm, but avant grade speaks of elegance and subtlety, not door creaks and distress.

Go for plush carpets, faux sheep skins, mahogany and leather as your accents to highlight the pieces that are handcrafted or customized.


Avant Garde decor is nothing but, combining pieces of ethical superiority, elegance, craftsmanship and class together to create something that speaks who you are. After all your home defines you!