Interiors and space design is a panorama of ever changing design and trend, with constant evaluation of technology and science, it is difficult and moreover redundant for this panorama to become constant. With a wide arena of  such multitudes of design and art, every year there are a large body of people who sit down and constantly brainstorm and research about what it’s gonna be?

How will our homes look like in the years to come? They forecast, book trends, establish some and some little things change and twist with the due course of time.

The tropical trend for example has been here for a decade, from large prints to ditsy to dark florals to summer ready, and we have embraced it, haven’t we?

Similarly basic styles and classes are evolving and bifurcating every year to form baby steps for a major shift in interiors.

Here are a few future scapes for your home!



An elemental mix of minimalism and earthy decor, it leaves behind the cold edginess of minimal and brings in the warm tonal shades, greens and exclusivity of nature. Go for muted grays with warm neutrals, instead of rose quartz go for smoky pink and caramel. A lot of greens are essential with the modernist outlook of technology but balanced by handcrafted pieces and eco-friendly materials. With rising awareness of sustainability and eco-conscious materials that are well adept with the 21st century ever changing life, is the essential key which will make this stay!



Quite contrary to the bare scape this one has its own charm! Maximalism further divides into quite many themes ranging from as classy as jazz to as free spirited as bohemian. Maximalism follows the idea of highly accentuating accents, bold colors, wood instead of marble, chic and eclectic. It also has an artsy side to it where again it goes into more of typographical artworks, graffitis and abstracts playing major statement pieces and mood setters of a space.



Machina comes from the word machine, and as it sounds this scape is more about technology based living, from glass facades, to hi-tech mirrors, automated lighting ,newer and more functional smarter furniture, pod like structures, transparent and colored glass dividers, voice control functions, the possibilities are endless. We humans are onto a path where homo sapiens will soon pursue to be human gods and live in adaptive environments according to the mood, need or necessity. Machina refers to the scape where homes will more of smart spaces and intelligent machines.


These were the few future platforms that interior design is on a way to mold and modify. The ongoing trends which sometimes become classics and stay forever.

So, what is it going to be?

The essentiality of bare earth, the spirit in Circus or the smart Machina?


To each, its own.