Kitchens are highly productive spaces, and your mood is set by the theme of your kitchen and also indirectly the food you want to make! So kitchens should be differently themed than the house, sometimes contrasting and sometimes more subdued.

There are many trends that have come up this year that make a kitchen not just a place to cook, but a creative one too.

The challenge is that a kitchen is a smaller space, so choosing materials that might determine the look is very important, even smaller ones.


Here are a few trends that are taking the market by storm!




Unicorns were all over prints last summer, but this time its the color palette that is dominant. The subtle pastels with a slight shimmer, is actually the season’s hottest interior trend.

You can have a color based cutlery, and metallic cupboards with accents of pastel blue, pink and pale yellow as your knobs and still pieces.


The cue is to add a bit of bling with the pastels. You can try this look a bit more subtly with wooden cabinets instead of white or metallic.




Moroccan designs are always in with smaller spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. The moroccan color palette is soothing and you can always team up whites and blues with golden metallic accents  and mirrors or attain a simpler look by adding greens and earthy accents.




As kitchens are smaller spaces, this is a trickier one, but if pulled off right, it can cast some real drama! Go with either black cabinets, or black tiled wall with checked tableware and linens.


Accentuate it with either golden or silver accents that make the black more dramatic. Also you can give it a more rustic look by using it with old style chandelier lights, dark mahogany wooden cabinets and distressed accents to give it the rustic feel!


Whoever said, that the kitchen is where everyone should be was never wrong, it might as well be worth drooling, obviously in addition to the food.