Lights have always made any space look more bigger and more beautiful, but sometimes we end up choosing the wrong lights for spaces and they end up looking too dull or overexposed. There are certain moods to a space, and the kind of lights we use has a power to control that vibe.
From opulent to minimal, chic or rustic there are various light fixtures that brighten anyone’s day and of course the space!
Let’s have a look at the fixtures that are perfect for these spaces.


The living room is your play area, you can experiment and be dramatic here. Depending on your theme for the space, you can choose an ambient light. As the living space is your hub for natural lighting, keep the artificial lights minimal. You can use faux or back lighting behind mirrors and other statement pieces to accentuate them and still not come out as too harsh. Stand alone lamps beside the sofa, chandeliers ranging from the victorian era to mid century modern can be some optimum choices.

The bedroom should always have a symmetrical arrangement of soft lighting, as you don’t want any distractions. Going old school in the bedroom is always a better idea, as it is your calm zone. Smaller pendant lamps, swooping bedside lights or some smaller industrial style lamps will go with the space. If you still want to create a statement go for gilded fixtures inspired from some modern mix of art deco lights.

Bathroom always go well with faux lighting behind mirrors, jacuzzis and a painting or two. You can go for some nautical inspired lights that were used in lighthouses, or go with traditional styes that look subtle and sophisticated.

The kitchen is your another experimenting zone, so you should always choose an art piece of a light that inspires you. Mid century modern was an era that had some wonderful artifact cum light fixtures. Drawing inspiration from there you can go for floral chandeliers, industrial globe style lights and of course some gilded or chrome scone lamps to complete the look.

In the balcony you can go for the classic paper lanterns, some 19th century lanterns and garden lighting to complete the space’s aesthetics.

Lights illuminate any space’s design potential and create a soothing effect on your mind. A place is always prettier with lights!