Rugs are one of the most important accessory of a space, as they have the versatility to set the tone and the vibe of the entire home. They are known to anchor a room, as it fills the floor space, so choosing the right rug for the space you are setting is very important!


From area rugs to traditional rugs, carpets and durries, there are a lot of rugs out there, and it becomes a task to decide which one is perfect for your room.

Here are a few cues which will help you choose that perfect rug!



Your bedroom is your sanctum, it is a place where you relax and often radiates calm and tranquility. Go for lighter color area rugs in your bedroom, which don’t create drama or delusion but go with the tranquil vibe of the space. Avoid vinyl, patterned or metal thread rugs and instead go for cotton or raffia base carpets or rugs that give a fresh look to the room. You can also go for a wall to wall carpet to instill more calm and reduce noise.




You have the license to go wild in the living room, as it is a projection of your personality and the very first impression of your space. You can go for bold patterns in this space, but you should keep in mind that a rug shouldn’t dominate a space but accentuate it. Go for rugs that compliment with any artwork or centrepiece you have installed in your space.

In this way, the rug doesn’t create any interference and in turn goes with the overall scheme.

Depending on the theme and space you can go for Persian and Kashmiri rugs to bring in an authentic element.

If you have a busy space, opt for a wool pile cut rug which is a smaller area rug.



Create a statement by opting for Marrakech or moroccan rugs to define a rich taste, or go for smaller patterned rugs in vivid colors or patterns that give a fresh and vibrant look to the patio. The entryway sets the tone for the surrounding spaces so go for something that gels in with the overall space but also creates drama.




Look for cozy, comfortable rugs that are soft and absorbent under your bare feet. Cooler colors, such as a light blue, ivory and eggshell lend the bathroom a sanitary aesthetic. You can find really chic, beautiful cotton bath mats that are woven, yet they’re also easy to throw in a washing machine.


A rug is an essential part of decor, it adds playfulness, and pulls together your room with the boundaries it needs.


Choose wisely!