Your bathroom is one of the smaller areas of your space, which makes it a real task to go with the right things and the right mantle. Which tub to match with which sink, and all the small things that make your bath space a lot more edgier and different than what it is supposed to be by the bathroom rulebook.

Here are a few cues by which you can mix and match the bathroom mantle to create some unique spaces!



The bath space in your bathroom determines the central focal point of your space, and also sets the mood or a theme for the surroundings.

Your shower space or the bath tub can be of a minimal , chic or boho setting and the accessories surrounding it can be of the same or a mix matched theme.

For example you have taken a moroccan theme, so you can bring in a brass tub teamed with some indoor greens and incense candles.



The sink area should definitely be a style statement, as it is the first impression when you enter the bathroom. Always go for an art piece of a sink, that enhances the whole look of the bath space. Tiled sinks are a newer and more artsy trend that has been doing the rounds this year. Another is the southwestern style which is both fascinating and relaxing. You can select brown floor tiles for the floor covering to be like a farmhouse concept along with a brass faucet. Enhance with a little unclear carpet to heat up our room.



The best way to obtain bathroom or any type of room appear larger is to use bright paint shades. Light and brightly tinted wall are much reflective, so you can take the benefit from them. You can choose cream, icy blue, or other soft variants of green and blue to be one of your option.

Lighting is an important factor to make a room appear larger. It is vital to use nice, bright lighting in a bathroom in the correct positions so there are no nasty dark shadows. Go for theme based lights again, like traditional lamp styles, scones and for a fancier looking space, you can go for a chandelier too.


Keep the mirror minimal as it should gaze the attention to your reflection, but you can also go for guided and fancy mirrors depending on your theme.


You can upgrade your bathroom as well as make it appear like an important part of your home, because it definitely is.