Smart Spaces

“Integrate technology to enhance your daily life”

Ever fantasised about rooms that change colour to match your mood or the time of the day? Ever wanted to start the Air Conditioner before you got home to arrive in a nice cool environment? Is your coffee table or bedside table cluttered with various remote controls?

Visualise waking up every morning to the melodious sound of your favourite artist, the draperies open to reveal the glorious sunshine welcoming you to a new day. The music you left behind begins to come alive to liven your senses, the lights in the bathroom turn on as you walk in. The flushed monitor on the wall turns on and automatically switches to your favourite channel. Welcome to a smart home!

With the rapid advancement in home technologies, what was once the realm of wealthy, is now affordable for all. Whatever your budget level, lifestyle and expectation, Yellow Cabinet can help you with home automation system to meet your needs whether its lighting, appliances, cooling system, music, security system etc. Home automation gives you access to control your devices in your home from a mobile device anywhere in the world.

Home Automation not only gives luxury lifestyle with immense conveniences but also saves energy. We can also use it to our advantage with the children, e.g., the TV’s power can be cut off at any specific time of the day so that they are not in front of the TV the whole day. It’s particularly beneficial for the elderly and disabled as they can operate devices without moving from where they are or the lights, fans etc. can come alive with a bit of their movement, e.g., lights can come on when they get ready to go to the toilet at night!

Use technology to enhance convenience, security & your quality of life!

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